A’s Hair Academy most popular course is the 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course. It is important to know how to protect yourself and your clients while working in a hair salon braiding hair. After course completion, you will receive a certificate of completion which proves that your have dedicated 16 hours to learning about Aids/HIV, Sanitation & Sterilization along with Diseases & Disorders of the hair & scalp.

Your Certificate of Completion will be yours to show to your Employer when applying for a Hair Braiding position at any salon throughout Florida. You can also display your Certificate on your wall to show your clients that you are knowledgable and aware of all the precautions one must take to keep them safe in the salon environment.

Use your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone to take the course!

A’s Hair Academy is the #1 Trusted on line course for the 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course in the State of Florida. We also offer business courses to help you start making money from your home braiding hair. To learn more please visit our Teachable website.