A’s Hair Loss is a medical wig company that offers their clients medical wigs / cranial prosthesis along with assisting them with their medical billing for their hair loss wigs.  We are professional, experienced and reliable Cosmetologist/Non Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist.  

We do not want our clients to worry about paperwork when they are not feeling well and need all of their strength.  We want to do everything we can to help our clients feel and look better so they can concentrate on healing!”  We are here every step of the way, from choosing a wig, paperwork needed to qualify for a cranium prosthesis, customization and delivery to you.

Hair Loss

House Calls for the sick and shut in by appointment.

Medical Wigs

Wigs for Hair Loss Patients.

Insurance Accepted

We Accept Insurance for your Cranium Prosthesis / Wig

Let us assist you with finding the perfect wig.